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  • Ankle Arthritis

    Ankle arthritis, though far less common than hip or knee arthritis, is quite debilitating. The native ankle joint, with its configuration and thicker cartilage will last you your whole life....the ankle is not a “wear and tear” joint.

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  • When is an ankle sprain “Not Just An Ankle Sprain”?

    Ankle sprains are remarkably common. In fact, one can argue that it may be the most common injury in the world. The vast majority of the time someone will “twist” an ankle, have a few days to a week of discomfort, and then return to normal activity. But there are times when this is not the case.

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  • Foot or Ankle Pain? It Might Be Your Athletic Shoes

    As an orthopaedic surgeon who sub-specializes in the lower extremity, and in foot and ankle reconstruction, I would like to point out a trend that has been affecting my patients.  More and more, athletic shoes are being made to correct, treat, or minimize a possible problem in the person purchasing the shoes.

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    I am Appreciative that forewarned became forearmed, and in Oregon we sacrificed and did our part to maintain social distance in response to COVID-19. We stayed at home and flattened the curve. I was Hopeful that it was enough, but the numbers are increasing.

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  • Vitamin D and Your Immunity

    As an Orthopedic Surgeon my primary interest in vitamin D is bone health, and the role that it plays in calcium absorption and the bone healing. But as orthopedists, we rarely discuss its apparent role in immunity.

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