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Dr. Mesnier helped me out from another surgeon that wouldn't acknowledge that I was having post-surgery issues with the plate in my ankle. She was very attentive what I was saying. Sent me immediately for a sonogram and found what was causing the problem. Operated right away and fixed the problem. She is friendly and attentive.

Susan in Portland, OR

Dr. Mesnier has seen me through two ankle fusions and a MRSA infection that could have become much more serious if not treated properly. A fine surgeon, considerate and very patient focused.

Hillsboro, Oregon

I met Dr Mesnier after breaking my ankle. She spent time explaining the surgical procedure and answering all the questions we had. She has to be the most positive and upbeat physician I've ever met. From the moment, she entered the exam room she made me feel like I was her only concern and that getting my ankle rehabilitated was her priority. Her surgical skills are incredible. I had a large incision but it's beautifully healed. It was almost worth breaking my ankle just to be her patient. Almost

Doctor Mesnier has been the best Doctor I have EVER dealt with. She gave me straight information, told me exactly what to expect, and what most likely would be the long-term prognosis would be. She is the second Orthopaedic Surgeon I've dealt with in the last 10 years (completely different injuries), and is head and shoulders above my previous surgeon (through Rebound). She has my strongest recommendation!

John H in Vancouver, WA

During the course of the first few appointments, Dr. Mesnier was extremely direct and informative about the grim issues I had to address, and what possible options were available for me. The surgery went well, and the follow up appointments have me more comfortable with the upcoming results of my rehabilitation. 

Patient in Portland, OR

I went to Dr. Mesnier for a second opinion regarding an infection I had my foot. Thank God, I did. She discovered that the infection was misdiagnosed and much more serious that I was aware of. She performed the necessary surgery etc. I continue to be her patient and trust her opinion highly. She is truly a skilled practitioner who cares about her patients deeply.

Joe Cleary in Portland, Oregon

I had broken my ankle and had metal plates put in by another doctor. Kept telling the surgeon I was having pain associated with the plates, but she kept telling me that was common. I wanted to have them removed and she wouldn't even listen. Randomly found Dr. Mesnier and within 10 minutes of my visit she was all about finding out what was causing the pain. Sent me to have a sonograph that immediately showed that the tendons were getting caught in the screw on movement. SHE LISTENED!

Susan Ott in Portland, OR