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  • Ganglion Cysts….Does dropping an encyclopedia on it really work doctor?

    Common benign lesion caused by tearing or degeneration of the lining of a joint or tendon, allowing synovial fluid to leak out. They can often fluctuate in size, but may remain stable.

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  • Achilles Tendon Pain: How to Diagnose, Treat and Manage the Pain By Sandra Stryker, PT, MPT, COMT, FAAOMPT

    Achilles tendon pain may arise from Achilles tendonitis, weakness of the calf, hip and other lower extremity muscles or abnormal mechanics of the body during walking and especially during running or sports. Full Achilles tendon tears require immediate medical attention and will not be discussed in today’s blog. If you’ve injured your achillles tendon traumatically, then please seek medical attention.

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  • Tarsal Coalitions

    A coalition is a technically a connection between two bones that should not be present. Coalitions can be congenital or acquired. When acquired, it is usually due to trauma. But when the diagnosis of a coalition is given around the foot and ankle (the tarsal bones), it infers the congenital variety.

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  • Ankle Replacement and Valgus Deformity

    As noted in my prior blog, arthritis will develop if there has been trauma to the ankle, such as with recurrent ankle sprains or with certain types of fractures, and in those who have systematic or inflammatory arthritis.

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  • Gastrocnemius Tightness

    The gastrocnemius is a muscle that is part of the tricep-surae, the tendon of which, and along with the solus, comprises the Achilles Tendon. The gastrocnemius/Achilles tendon unit is unique in that it crosses two joints; the knee and the ankle

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